exceeded upload. anybody, please help me. :'(


:'( :'( :'(

i start this entry with smiley emoticon,, to picture how sad i am this moment,, actually,, it started few days ago,,, when i wanted to replace my old header to a new one,, when i uploaded it,, it turned out to be very small,, then i removed it and tried to upload it again and this thing below appeared in the screen...

yes,,, blogger has its limit in uploading photos,, i really love to upload my photos here,, what should i do???? then,, my sister said,, try la delete few photos for extra space in picasa which i did,, but still,, the same thing occurred,,, then,, BLOGGER AIMAN said,, try la upload kat fb then copy image,, which i did too,, and i worked,, but still,, how can i change my header again??? and copying and pasting sucks you know,, so troublesome,, uwaa!!!!!

do u notice that i didn't update my blog for two days,, yes,, it is a long time for me as i usually update my blog daily,, and now,, when the situation is like this,, really think that i should stop blogging or i should start a new blog,,, which a really sad thing to do,,, somebody,, please,, help me,, aku ada bukak page google yang kena beli space untuk picasa,, mahal kot,, kalau sekali bayar tak pe,, but it is monthly,,, in dollar,, uwaaaaa,, i am not bill gate ok,,,

anybody,, please help me,,


  1. kesian kata awk..lyeen pun xtaw knpa..dah lama ke? cuba esok plak nnt..:)

  2. da jg kes cm ne ya,,,xdpt nk tlg sbb xpnh lg alami,,,

  3. eh la..kes macam ni pun ada ke? dah try tanye yg pakar ke?

  4. ada limit utk photo? :O berapa ratus kak muja?

  5. adeh.... ada jugak limited untuk blogspot ni rupanya..ingatkan tak ada..ni yang tak best ni...

  6. eh yeke.. akak xpnh tau plak ada limit..

  7. header pun ade limit ek?igtkn yg kat sidebar je kna kecikkan..huhu


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