Novels versus Films.


hari ni aku nak share satu benda yang compare tiga benda. menarik tak? hehehe. it is about comparison of several element in the novel Things Fall Apart and Prisoner of Zenda and the film Titanic and Apocalypto and their relations with our daily life. kalau korang nak lagi faham, korang kena la baca the novels mentioned and watch Titanic, i doubt korang tak pernah tengok cerita hot gila babas ni kan,, hehe,, saje je aku share benda ni sebab aku tak de entry and cerita nak ditulis. harap it helps kalau ada antara kamu semua adalah tesl student macam aku,, ngeh3,,

Things Fall Apart is a well-know novel written by Chinua Achebe, published in the year 1958. Chinua Achebe is a very talented writer, given many awards including Honorary Fellowship of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, as well as the Nigerian National Merit Award.

The novel Things Fall Apart is about a strong man called Okonkwo who lived in a village called Ibo in Nigeria. He had to face many conflicts since he was a young boy until the day he died. The conflict started at a very young age. When he was merely a young boy, he had a conflict with the existence of his own father who was regarded as famine and useless in his village. The situation turned him to become very fierce and strong so that he could feel that he was completely different from his father. When he grew older, he was put on exile after killing Ezeudu’s son. Instead of getting the great honour that he wished for upon returning home, he had to face the fact that the village had changed. The villagers had a new religion brought by missionaries. Even his son, Nwoye, turned to Christian. At last, he hanged himself on a tree after killing the head messenger.

One of the most visible issues in this novel is survival. During that time, people strived to earn for a living. Those who worked hard and appeared strong would be noticed and respected by the villagers. They had to plant yam which depended on good weather to grow well in order to provide for the families. When Okonkwo and his family were on exile for seven years, it was very hard for them to feel accepted by the people in Mbanta but they survived and came home safe and sound.

Nowadays, people have to work very hard to survive in this materialistic world. Those who survive are considered lucky and those who do not would live a miserable life. Students depend on PTPTN loan that has to be paid with very high interest. Rented house have to be paid monthly and medicines have to be prepared for those who are sick. People have to have their own for their survival or else the effect would be very damaging. Just recently, a woman almost lost her hand after being chopped by a bag snatcher in Kota Bharu. A man was splashed with acid to his body when he was in a grocery store. Not to be forgotten, a case when Malique was being hit severely by a motorcyclist in Kota Damansara.

We can see also see survival in the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen when Elizabeth did not want to marry Mr Bingley. She survived when her father supported her stand when confronting her mother. Besides, in the novel The Prisoner of Zenda by Anthony Hope, it is very obvious that Rudolf Rassendyll strived very hard for his own survival when impersonating Rudolf the Fifth. He kept his real identity unrevealed and got the King rescued at the same time.

In the film Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson, Jaguar Paw risked his life for the survival of his beloved family and tribe. He always remembered his father’s advice not to be afraid of anything in life. He did not give up ‘running’ when chased by the raiders. Different from Apocalypto, Jack Dawson in the film Titanic by James Cameron worked hard for his own survival. He gambled just to buy a ticket to board the ship called Titanic that he believed would bring him to the ‘new world’.

The other very crystal clear issue mentioned in the Things Fall Apart is love. Despite being very fierce and harsh towards his family members, Okonkwo was a very loving father. He loved his daughter Ezinma dearly as she had is strong. He loved her so much that he wished to have Ezinma as a son. He did not show his love but we know it from his reaction when Ezinma was sick and taken away by Chielo.

In this global world, love seems to slowly disappear.Social problems keep on increasing. Illegitimate children are aborted as it they do not have the right to live in this world. Children forget about their parents and live them in the elderly homes. People nowadays do not even love their own life that people commit suicide once they feel that living is meaningless. It was very different in the past. Love was greatly valued and honored. Shah Jehan built Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders in the world, just to show his eternal love towards his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Love also was very precious in the past that William Shakespear wrote numerous number of sonnets just to tell the world about love.

In the novel Pride and Prejudice, we can see that Mr. Bennet loved his daughter very much especially Elizabeth. He did not have the heart to see Elizabeth frustrated with his wife’s decision to marry her to Mr Bingley. Not to mention the very adventurous journey that Rudolf Rassendyll face to rescue the King, Rudolf Rassendyll was a true man with heart full of love. He had fallen in love with the first sight with Princess Flavia and did not have the heart to contaminate his love by betraying the King.

In the film Apocalypto, Jaguar Paw really loved his family. He had lost his father and could not bear losing his wife and son. He did a very magnificent job when trying to save them. In Titanic, we can fell love accumulated in the atmosphere when we saw Jack Dawson and Rose Dukater together. Jack showed his true love when he was willing to sacrifice his life when letting Rose to be on the plank to save her life.

When we talk about pride, we know it is a very precious thing to everybody. Pride determines who we are. In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo was a man of pride. He did not let anybody to ‘play’ with him. Pride for him was his strength and bravery. Pride was very vital as it gave him respect that he wanted most since his childhood. Still, pride made him fierce to the extent that he was willing to beat his wife very severely just because his wife went out to braid her hair.

Currently, the price of pride is lowered by people. Instead of pride, money becomes the priority so that they can get everything they want. People think that money brings happiness when it is not true. If money is everything, why rich people still face depressions to the extent that they lead to drugs? Women sell their pride on the cross roads nowadays just to get money and fulfil their materialistic needs.

In the past, countries fought with each other to show that they had the greatest power of all because they felt that their pride is honoured when they can destroy others. People from different religions also fought for their religions’ pride. Muslims fought with Christians because they cared about their religions. They did not want to tarnish their religion’s name by letting other people make fun of it.

In Apocalypto, Jaguar Paw’s father priced his pride so much. When he was just about to be murdered, he did not show a slight fear that would satisfy his foes. He kept to his principle to not be scared of anything and his son inherited bravery. In Titanic, we see that pride is highly valued by high positioned people. They would not want to be in the same place with those people considered lower than them.

As the conclusion, survival, love and pride are very much related to each other. They come along that we cannot separate them. World is changing as every second pass. Present and past are totally different but these three things belong together forever and ever. Nothing changes them.

ps- sila tengok filem titanic dengan apocalypto kalau korang rasa nak alami perasan berkecamuk dalam kasih sayang terdalam. chewah!!!


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