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Cabaran 30 Hari : Short term goals for this month and why (8th day)

ASSAALAMUALAIKUM WARAHMATULLAHI WABARAKAATUH AHLAN WASAHLAN WA MARHABAN BIKUM. i want to follow of the 'petua's which i wrote in this blog, yes,, it is not nice for me just writing without applying them in my real life i want to do the solat sandwich,, at least yang qabliyah dulu ke,,, at least,, i wanna see an improvement in my solah.. i want to read AL-MULK before i go to sleep,, it is a waste for me to stop reciting AL-MULK since i went out of FARIS PETRA,, T_T i want to reduce weight and be healthier,, it is horrible nowadays to be a big big balloon,, uwaa!!!!!!!!! please,, pray for me guys!!! :D