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Same Vibe, Same Energy

Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. All of us really wish for someone that can click with us at instantly. Then, we’ve come up with so many terms to picture that instantaneous connection. Same vibe, same energy, same wavelength. However, every single thing that we adore in this life is always the difficult things to get, to achieve, and to own. We can talk to so many people, but how many of them can we talk with, hours and hours without cracking our head? Without having to think on how to prolong it because the topics are there flowing non-stop? How many will remain interesting to talk to, till forever?  Most importantly, how many are we willing to spend a lot of time to keep things interesting? The worst thing to happen, when the one we think will stay the same with us from that first click, suddenly vanishes. Humans' hearts change. They evolve all the time. It is never an easy period of time to accept the fact that not all the time, efforts put in was reciprocated.  P