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5 Favourite Renovation Features

5 Favourite Renovation Features When it comes to adding renovation features to your newly bought Singapore property , where should we start? It is time to get some inspirations from leading industry experts on what is in trend and what can be done regardless of space constraint. Here are five of our favourite renovation features and how much they cost. 1. Open concept living spaces Nowadays, basic alterations are common in HDB flats. An open concept gives the homeowner the flexibility to have a bigger common area and bedroom space when needed. It is a common suggestion made by interior designers to knock down as many walls as possible to open up the kitchen and bedrooms. This way the entire home can be seen and visually larger. Take a kitchen for example, open up the space into the living room and this results in an open kitchen area with a more spacious feel and look. Hacking of walls are an important step in creating that open-plan layout. Removing a single wall in a HDB