now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

it is 4.36 am in the morning and here i am,, writing for a blog post to show excitement to share with you all about khalida's birthday party!!!! yahooo!!! not really party lol,,, but some kind of eating-together-time.. time to spend together.. to tighten the ukhuwah among us,, and khalida's birthday becomes the day,,, make sure that you be happy khalida,, if not,,, see you in court! :P

we went there at 5.30 pm gitu,, aku tumpang kete azizi,, aku, alang, azizi, arieff and syanim in a car,, arrived there at almost six. cantik la first station ni,, makanan pun ok,, standard,, banyak pulak tu,, best sesangat la,,,

see the girl with blue bawal... with the mouth open out of excitement there. that is our special, budak kecik named khalida. some times i become confused, is she 19 or 9 years old? she always admits to become a year 3 student,, bajet muda la sangat,,, rolling eyes special for you hokey,,,

btw,,, happy birthday dearest khalida,,
may the next year changes for the betterment of your life,, but you change.
may Allah bless you for all that you are doing
may you be happy in your every step
may you be happy with the guy you choose
may you be a better Muslimah as you are already a good one
may you be courageous to become a teacher
may you be more loving towards your hubby
may you be able to treat us cake again in future
may you be able to celebrate your birthday every year.. with us
may you score a great result in every exam.. with flying colours
may you cheerful throughout the day
may you be taken care of every second of your life
may you be in Jannah in the after world... insya ALLAH i'll you there :D

excited menunggu orang-orang myanmar tu siapkan makanan kitorang,, haissyyy,, tetiba teringatkan orang Rohingya,,,

BUT,, to say we are 1 Malaysia.. errr,,, no need kot :D

the happiest, most excited birthday girl ever!!! see how excited she was???? look at both her hands,,, 1 memotong,, 1 gripped sekuat hati,, so much excitement ha??? goooood,, as i am happy to see you happy darling :D

birthday cake,,, chocolate indulgence from secret recipe,, seriously the best evah!! love it so much!!

birthday girl and birthday girl's sweet loyal boyfriend,,, how sweet,, :D papa ngan mama dok kire bajet nak bayar,, see the bill? soooooo looong,, huhu,,

kek dicucuk-cucuk,, makan berlubang la diyer.. how wonderful it is candles glowing on a birthday cake,, pffftt,, jelez!

newly created best friends,,, huhuhu,, i love the uncombed jing wen's hair!!! hey!!!! what are you doing girls???? they are indeed crazy,, no wonder la kan,, huhu

alang, muja, jing wen, khalida


the party is not over k,, lepas je makan kat FIRST STATION.. kitorang moved to Kb Mall (where else) to do the berjimba thing,, almost tak sempat bermaghrib,, time tu tinggal 15 minit je,, tetiba je lift jadi laju,, tak de yang sekat pun,, ALLAH sayangkan kitorang,, tak nak kasi kitorang berdosa besar,, alhamdulillah,, we made it on time and waited for isyak terus,,, sudah je solat isyak,, i went to first lady,, choosing my dinner's jubah,, huhuhu,, nak tengok jubah that i bought?? no no no,, wait for the dinner's entry k,, surprise la,, hehe

and guess what,, we've got SAVEE FACE MASK for RM1 each!!! isn't that cool???? and here i am,, in front of my laptop,, taking picture of me and five SAVEE FACE MASK i bought,, promotion bagi RM1 setiap benda kan best,, kalau levi's buat promosi,, RM1 for their jeans memang giler best,, hehe,,

me with different types of mask i bought,,, yang paling depan tu dah koyak kan? that means i have already used it,, sleeping with the face mask on my face,,, best giler the feeling k,, huhu,,, beli face mask murah,, alamak,, malunya,,, haha.. 

do i look like i care???

then,, kalau face mask ni buat aku sakit hati,, situation below may happen shortly,,

customer: hey. can i talk to your manager please. i have a lot of things to say to him.
seller: yes, of course. but he is in a meeting right now.
customer: can i know where his meeting room is? i really need to talk to him.
seller: it cannot enter the meeting room. you are not permitted to.
customer: do i look like i care? i want to see him now!!!
seller: can you just tell me miss?
customer: (throwing her scarf) see this bald head your product has given me??? (showing the seller a green shampoo bottle) why does this happen??? what do you put in this bottle to make me become like this??? that day you said that this will make my hair grow, instead, my hair becomes dry, shabby and out of my scalp one by one to become like what you see now! i will definitely sue this company for fraud!
seller: maybe there is a mistake. can i have a look at the bottle. there is something fishy with it.
customer: (handing the bottle) how come there is a mistake. i bought it from you just last week. don't you recognize me at all, miss acting-to-be-good???
seller: okay. i'll direct you to the meeting room now.

eh,, face mask ke hair mask?? lantak lah,, hehe, sebenarnya benda ni suha, my friend from politeknik, i met during recruit yang suruh tulis,, hehe,, so,, to make the full out of my entry,, aku tepek je kat blog aku ni,, haha,, sangat giler glamour,, i know,, :P

ps- will i do the same for my birthday next year? should i? 



  1. wow..meriah..tpi bleh tahan mahal jugak makan kat sini..laksa penang 11 ringgit..haha.. ternyata la korang yg studen ni lagi berduit dari aku dah keje ni..haha..

  2. thanks muja for this special entry! :)))

  3. bestnya dapat sambut ramai2 macam ni..

    situasi last skali tu saya pernah tengok kawan saya sendiri.. dia nak beli jeans, salah promoter tu tak tanggal harga yang murah tu. patutnya harga diskaun tu dah xde.. tapi disebabkan kawan saya nak juga harga diskaun tu, kawan saya terus kata nak jumpa manager.. takut promoter tu, pastu terus dia kasi harga diskaun tu.. heee.. rasanya gaji dia kene tolak la kot..


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