my exam result history,, wanna know how bad it is?


when i was in form 1,

i studied really hard despite berpeleseran out of class during preparation period when there was no teachers around
i really focused in my study despite kept on staring at my long lasting crush doing his homework at teacher's table almost every night
i really gave full attention in my study despite going out almost every weekend at KB to eat at KFC,, huhu

, i was a top 5 student,, i was so proud with myself that i started to forget my root. as being at the top,,, i started to forget everything that i had done to be at such position,, when i was in form 2 i only scored 8a's for the first exam,, and my results was getting down and down throughout the year,, when i was in form 3, i was at thirtieth place in my batch and still i slept almost every night during prep classes,,, alhamdulillah,, i still scored 8a's for my PMR

the worst two years during high school were year 2008 and 2009.. when i started to learn add maths, biology, physics, chemistry,,, omg!!!! my confidence level was at my feet seriously,, and still i did nothing to be better,, my bad habits proved to result very badly as i was at 116th place in my batch,,!!! can you imagine how a used-to-be-in-top-5 student's name was written at 116 place in the list!!! my confidence level dropped very drastically,,, alhamdulillah,, i got quite a nice result for my SPM and i know i got it just because ALLAH wants to show HIS help to me,,,

my result got worse when i was in UM,, no need to write the 2 results i got there as remembrance as i always remember them very vividly in my mind,,,, just want to mention here,, the figure started with the number, 2. very terribly terrible,,, :'(

then,, here i am,, in ipg,, struggling for my degree in TESL,, i really love this course,, ALLAH has shown my best way of leading my life,, seriously,,,, alhamdulillah,, alhamdulillah,, alhamdulillah,, hari khamis lepas,,, my social studies bagi something to us,, each of us owns one of that thing,,, but i didn't get mine,,, where is it??? i became afraid,,, then,, lecturer kata,,, i got nice marks,, mine has been taken for a checking,, afraid of me doing the plagiarism,,, :D

huhu,, alhamdulillah,, thanks to ALLAH for this anugerah,, and i hope it remains with me till my last breath,,  not like before,, when i was such an arrogant girl,,, down grading people around me,, even i did not use my mouth to do that,,, i admit i down graded people in my mind,,, and it was shown on my face,, just because i was at highest place,, please ALLAH,, avoid me to be like that again,

ps- ya ALLAH,, please don't take away this special gift you've given me this time,,, let me be the best English teacher ever in history and still be grateful enough to become a good Muslimah.


  1. semoga terus sukses ye awak..
    saya pernah merasa dapat no 1 dalam kelas tapi sekali je. sebab kebetulan saya masuk kelas paling bengap kot.. hahahha.
    lepas tu bila pindah kelas pandai, saya jadi yang tercorot pulak..sedih je.. huhu

    1. haisyyy,, jangan la cakp camtu bk,, tak baik,, semua orang ada kelebihan masing2,, and now i know that my talent is in language :D you know how to dance kan,,, that is your talent :D

  2. huhu, lyla pun penah macam ni. bila jatuh. confident level jadi turun, drastically. tpi alhamdulillah, kuatkan hati dan sekarang dah ok.. :)

    1. alhamdulillah,, biasala,,, hidup manusia ni ada naik dan turun diye,, :D

  3. Good luck dear!Biasalah...gagal sekali, bukan bererti selama-lamanya.Semua tu dugaan utk jadikan kita insan yg lagi better!kan?Plus, Allah sayangkan kita, dia taknak kita leka..:)

    1. tq awak, insya ALLAH muja sentiasa ingat benda ni,, tahu DIA nak suh kita ingat kat DIA... :D

  4. Good luck utk muja...

    jadika kegagalan sebagai jambatan kejayaan :-)


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