It Does Not Mean It Does Not Hurt

Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. When we pour our heart out to somebody, we usually get this kind of response, 'Look at those whose life is worse than yours. Then only you will feel grateful.'

I don't deny that to be true but still, it does not mean what we are going through in our life does not hurt. When we say things, when we tell things to somebody, it is just that we want to be heard because being heard is enough to make things feel better even does not really heal.

'What would hurt that much laa' said those who have family close to them, who have friends to go out with them, who have money to use at shopping malls, who have nice beds to sleep on and other good things needed in life.

Let me tell you.

Being far from family and close friends hurts.
Having nobody to look upon to hurts.
Having nobody to talk to hurts.
Having nobody to listen to hurts.
Having to fake happiness hurts.
Having to succumb sadness to ourselves hurts.
Living to live in control daily hurts.
Not being able to become ourselves hurts.
Not being understood hurts.
Being scolded everyday hurts.
Being humiliated everyday hurts.
Feeling underestimated by people hurts.
Feeling and being rejected everyday hurts. Yes, this hurts the most.

Yeahh, we are in grief, we tend to take good things we have for granted.
We have oxygen to breath it, be grateful.
We have food to eat, be grateful.
We have a house for a shelter, be grateful.
We have a car to move to places, be grateful.
We have colleagues to socialise, be grateful.
We have handphones to talk to family and friends afar, be grateful.
We have internet for entertainment, be grateful.

Yes, we should be grateful. Allow ourselves for 1 hour grief and live the moments in another 23. Work hard, play harder, pray the hardest. Usually, when I am in misery, I dont really ask for things from Him except for things to be the best they can be for me. That is because I am so afraid that if I go into details, I would ask for bad things which I may live my life regretting forever.

The same concept applies to saying things in the moment of anger. Just keep quiet as we may say things we don't really mean. Just continue to Istighfar and hope for things to get settled down as time really has the power in healing. Insya Allah.


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