i am back!!!

now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

hye korang,, sorry for not fulfilling my promise to come back today as i came back yesterday lagi,, haha,,, so,, i am so sorry because i miss my family so much,, i miss mz so much, i miss my not-so-mr-right so much, i miss my blog so much, i miss my facebook so much and not to forget i miss my readers and follower really much!!! muahhhhxxx to all!!!

ok,, what have i been doing during my hibernation? i slept most of the time, i chatted about so many things most of the time, i ate most of the time, i read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe some times, i studied Social Studies some times, i taught my friend Language Description some times,,, so,, how do you think of my hibernation period? quite not useful right i know,, and not to forget,, i kept on thinking about my RM78 handphone!!!

you know,, i felt so much loved when my room mate who is having her nice holiday at home called syanim to reach me to tell that my not-so-much mr right called her asking about me,, kih3,, ok,, orang tak de baru nak tercari-cari,, padan muka,, lalala,, kak dayah ajak makan kat mcd but my no-so-much mr right became shy when he saw 3 other girls in kak dayah's car,, so,, plan cancelled. plan lagi nak jumpa hari ni,, but,, cancelled jugak,, so,, aku kan dah balik semalam lagi,, hahaha!!!

huu,,,,, sadis sangat aku punya hibernation,, so now,, i am back!!! for the i-can't-remember time, i thank BRO FRAMESTONE  a lot for spending his precious time to tell me about uploading photo into my blog,, you know,, few days ago,, i had problem when i exceeded photo uploading into my blog,, so,, BRO cakap memang we can't do anything about it,,, lastly, i came up with an idea to edit all my photo-filled entries,,, can you imagine how much time that i have to spend on that stuff???

i have 1000+ entries in my blog,, and maybe a quarter of it is full with photos!!! seriously, i kind of,, tired. that's all. but, well,, i am muja,, as usual, perseverance is the key to success. i have accomplished this mission half way,, and i won't stop until all my entries are edited,, pray for me k. hehe.. i hope this effort is worth as i will have lots and lots of pictures to share with all of you.

so,, that is all for this entry,,, next entry,, it is about,,, tak tahan nak terkencing pulak,, hahaha!!! you'd better be waiting!!! kih3



  1. saya mewakili blog buasir otak..mengucap kan sama-sama.. dn slmt eid-al-adha

  2. welcome back muja!!
    miss ur writing so mush! :D


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