keranamu grilled burger,,,


now,, it is not only churp2 giving us money,, blin too!!! how cool is that??? :D

hye!!!! ok,, today i want to write about my outing yesterday with my beloved friends alang, syanim, and annadiah,, huhu,,, our main aim for yesterday outing was to have the famous amos BURGER BAKAR!!! wowww!!! the one who proposed this idea? err,,, me la,, hahaha,,, that day,, i watched about burger bakar ni kat dalam tivi,, can't remember in what program,, sorry amat ye,,

actually,, i am having a problem with my beloved,, yes,, it hurts so deeply,,, who won't feel this way when we are so sad,,, tension,, depression,, urrrgghhh!!!! but,, it doesn't stop from enjoying my leisure time with my beloved friends,, huhu,, tq sangat for releasing my stress yesterday,, really appreciate it much!!! you are the apples of my eyes,, really :D

we started our journey at three,, actually nak went to kb by bus je,, but,, dah ada 4 orang and kebetulan ada mak jah yang bawak kete sewa tu,, we all naik kete je,, huhu,, didn't have to wait for the bus,, if we waited,,, confirm,, it was going to take a very long time at the bus stop,, urgghhh!!! i am a normal person, so i really hate waiting,, hehe...

arrived at kb near to 4 pm,, so,,, kitorang pun hanged out dekat parkson dulu,, wah,, it has been a very long time since we last visited kb,, salu kita pergi kb mall je,, lame,, haha,,, so,, this time kitorang went to city center je,, hehe,, boleh jalan lama-lama,, jauh berjalan luas pemandangankan,, hehe,, so,,, here are some photos in parkson.

alang, muja, syanim
those pants really caught our eyes,, but the effect was severe to alang la,, dia kan kpop maniac,, kih3,, aku biasa-biasa je,, uhuk uhuk.. we wish to have those coloured pants tu one day,, hehe,, tapi,, not as tight at those la kan,,, kami sedar je kami tak skinny,, sob3,, wish to have such small legs!!! urrgghhh!!!!

lepas dah letih jalan dalam parkson,, kreekkk,, alamak,,, my stomach gave a sound,, a creepy one,, hehe,,, so,, me and alang went to kedai roti inside parkson,, and that black big bread really caught my eyes,, nama dia ada perkataan charcoal,, really peculiar kan,,, huhu,, inside, it has cheese,, mz would love this so much,, kan mz??? ngaku sekarang!!!

nampak sangat tak sabar nak melantak kan? huhu,,

really love there pink flowers behind me,, see the chinese girls? they are from ipg too,, they were studying but me??? uhuk uhuk,, tetiba rasa nak batuk,, haha
muja and alang,,, in the fitting room,, kih3

then kitorang went to the nearby mosque to perform asar prayer,, aissshhh,, tempat wuduk dia,, sedey sangat,, kena pakai tudung nak gi amik wudu,, sob2,, hoping for the authorities to do something about this k,,, it is really inconvenient for us the ladies,,, cover kemain dah,, tapi,, yela kan,, kalau dah tempat tu like very open,, so,,, what can we do???

an and muja
atas masjid pun still snapped picture,, amboi,, kemain,,, we are cam addicts,, haha

then dekat kul 5 tu we went to the kedai burger,, what??? baru nak bukak??? 40 minit lagi baru boleh order??? mana boleh,, cakap bukak kul 5,, urrgghhhh,, it really didn't cross my mind that they have to grill the beef first even though the stall opens at 5,, uwaaaaaa!!!! sadis amat time tu,, but,, hehehe,, we looked around and saw PIZZA HUT!!!   kih3,, so,, you know la what we did after that kan,, kih3,, alang and me went to pizza hut,,, syanim and an went to mcd.

here,, there is a tip when you go to pizza hut,, hehe,, kalau nak jimat bawak la a bottle of mineral water because sky juice kat situ dah 50 sen,, not worth,, seriously,, air kat situ pulak rm4 and above,, no no no laaa,, not worth k,, so,,, apply this tip and you will save a lot when going to pizza hut,, hehe

alang said, 'i love this blurry picture'
me said, 'you are proven weird'... smile :D

teringat lak i was kind of scolded by the waiter sebab we changed tables,, hahaha,,, sorry ye handsome,, tak sengaja,, sape suh tinggal sehelai carrot kat atas table tu,,,, of course la kitorang changed to another table,, so,, you should improve your service k,, not to forget,, we pay you for the service,, remember? :D

akhirnya!!!! grilled burger!!!!!!!!!

see the pizza hut? menghadap dengan kedai burger bakar je,,, huhu,, confirm,,today,, i am going to jog at the field,,, cannot let the fat accumulated stay much longer in my body!!!! uwaaa!!!!!

handsome kan people yang pakai apron ni? yeahh,, once,, i met a girl who said,, men in apron are sexy,,, mmm,, boleh la,, hahaha

tebal giler daging dia!!!!!! rasanya macam combine tiga ketebalan normal beef,, huhu,, syok!!!

makan lepas dah sampai kat asrama,, because it was already late,, but actually,, we were already full at that time,, hahaha

ps- next time nak try yang chicken pulak,,, kih3



  1. Hye...aslmlm, :) cantek tahi lalat ..

  2. wah...mcm sedap giler je burger tu...nk sikit!!! :)

    Pesta Layang-Layang Di Australia

  3. Nampak mcm sedap pula. Daging tebal x mcm Burger King. Mesti padat. Btw minta Muja jelaskan tntg roti yang ad cheese itu. :)

  4. pergh..bestnya dia. siap makan burger lagi..hehehe

  5. bestnya berger dia.. nak cikit...

  6. Kalau burger tebal camni.. Puas mkn :)

  7. lapar tatkala mbaca entri nih...huhu

  8. wahh sedapnyaaaaa..

    p/s;hasangae tu apa dear..xtau nk kta nk btol mask ni xda tls..huhu

  9. saya baru makan bege ni semalam.. ayam punye sangat sedap! :D
    nanti try lah ek..hehehe


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