5th Semester Drama Presentation for Language Arts

5th Semester Drama Presentation for Language Arts | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. I am so sorry for having this update that should be written on this blog years ago. You know, I was so busy with my wedding presentation for the past few weeks.

For semester 5 TESL students in IPG, we are required to stage a drama on any stories that have all the characteristics of a good story to be used in primary school classes; straight forward to be understood easily, suitable length, have good moral values, appropriate language level and have fun elements. For us, we were required to do some adjustments on the stories chosen so that it would become more creative and not being cliche.


Firstly, we were required to manipulate the stories to become a script for the drama presentation. I was not an easy task as we had to follow certain formats of a good script. As for my group, we changed several things about the story. Firstly, we changed the title from Hansel and Gretel to Salleh and Salmah to suit the majority pupils in Malaysia. Then, we eliminated the character of the Father that we found not really affecting the storyline, and few other things.


It became harder for us when only 3 actors were allowed for one drama presentation. So, we really had to use our creativity and imagination to perform the drama as triplets when the dramas actually need more than three actors to become a success. We had to be very careful as making the dramas seem hanging and not understandable was the last thing that we wanted to happen.


The drama presentation that day was such a big success. Some were hilarious and some were very touching. They left deep understanding in the hearts. Perhaps, I was the worst actress that day as I didn't memorise the dialogues with no reason. I could see hard works and determination of my friends that I am still so proud with their great efforts. I couldn't be gladder. :)

Magic Cooking Pot.

The Frog Prince

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Tesl 2 Semester 5 Year 2015
Studying is hard and it becomes a great memory when being remembered when we are no longer in that atmosphere. :')


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