Recruitment Promo RM150 Free Ratu Set!

This is just gonna be a very short blogpost from me. I just want to invite all of you out there to join me as one of JTT Ambassadors. 

From 18-31 August 2020, you are so much welcome to join  Jamu Tun Teja Ambassador Programme with only RM150 registration fee!
Expensive? Not if you get RM138 worth of Full Set Ratu Hair Care


Think about this guys. Normal registration fee is RM130. For a very LIMITED TIME, it is RM150 but comes with a great fantastic shampoo and conditioner called, Ratu. 

Therefore, you are actually paying RM12 only for registration fee! 
It will NEVER get cheaper than this for sure..

Once registered, you will have access to lower prices for all JTT products like other JTT Ambassadors do, can sell them to other people to share the awesome benefits of the profduct, and at the same time, earn some cash for your own! 

Do you know that ever cars can be bought using JTT payslip? And one of us had proven us this too! How proud I was to see her standing next to her dream Honda. 

Come one guys. Jom. Let's build a career of your own with JTT. No matter if you are already working a 9 to 5 job or a domestic engineer at home, we can do this together.

Register HERE (starting 18 Aug-31 Aug. Wait aaa) 

Or you can WhatsApp me at 01126947035 or email me at mujagirl92(at)gmail(do) com. We can have a fun chat too. 😂😂😂

Ps- Great things come to those who DO. 



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