Poem: The Way I See The World

The Way I See The World

By Nurmujahidah binti Ismail

the way i see the world

The way I see the world

How big it is! As far as my eyes can see

How lucky I am to be able to see what some of us may not be

By the roadside, the leaves are falling from the trees

At the park, children are running, carefree

You see, I’m just that lucky

The way I see the world

Fret not, I may not see her the same way you do

Compared to you, I see her from a different point of view

What’s pretty in my eyes may seem ugly to you

Nope! I’m not in the wrong, you aren’t too

The differences make the world a variety

Now I agree to really consider

That beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

The world is now at the tip of my fingers

That is how the world I see daily

No need to have big bucks to be there in reality

Click click click, puff! Appear everything before my eyes

No matter how big, no matter how small

From the smallest to the biggest unknowns become clear on the screen

How atoms gather to become materials

To the different ginormous galaxies that are still a mystery

Daily gratefulness is what I preach

Every day people keep asking for ‘The Tea’

Competing to be the first to convey the darkest secrets of Mr A and Mrs B

The fact that adrenaline rush is addictive, so hard to resist

Not caring on how ruined someone’s life might be

As long as this heart gets what it wants, a fake glory

People say eyes are the window to the soul,

Be Careful though coz other people also say

What you see with your eyes may not be the truth you’re seeking for

When I am at the highest, seeing how small people are down there

They also see how small I am at the top

I’m older and wiser now that I can understand both sides better

The thinnest line between the real truths and ultimate lies

They do exist no matter how hard we deny

Tick tick tick, the time is ticking continuously

Oh no! I’ve got a lot more to know, much more to see

‘I’m overwhelmed!’ is what my brain is telling me

‘I’m tired!’ My eyes begging me to stop

I close my eyes at the end of the day

Knowing a lot more waiting for me tomorrow


  1. Congratulations on becoming a poet.

  2. Life is what happen when we go around doing nothing


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